Sunday, 15 June 2014

Climbing Station Summer Festival Route Setting

            Recently I was asked by The Climbing Station in Loughborough to route set for their annual summer festival. This involved setting for the final of the Sherpa Circuit Board Championships and also for the Charko and Evolv Boulder competition. As I have recently been getting more and more involved in route setting, it was great to be asked to set for an important event with a lot of responsibility to make sure the routes were right for the competition and they put on a spectacle at a busy event.
            Friday saw me setting the circuits which I was doing solo. Six routes ranging from F6a+ to F8a+ designed to split all the categories competing on the Sunday. After a long day of setting and testing I was left with F6a+, F6c, F7a+. F7b, F7c+ and F8a+.
I was then back in early on the Saturday morning to set for the Charko and Evolv Boulder Competition but this time with Pete Whittaker. 40 problems to set ranging from VB to V8+. I have set with quite a lot of different people now but never with Pete so it was great to set with another new person and someone who has such a different style to mine.

The festival on the Sunday went really well and the circuit and boulder competitions both split everyone effectively, it was also great to see some of the younger climbers and first time competitors putting in great performances on the routes.

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