Thursday, 27 June 2013

Raven Tor June 2013

            After moving back home after my first year of university, I am now a little freer from a time perspective and also the fact I have been reunited with my car. Crag sessions here I come. I have wanted to get over to Forest Rock ever since I saw a photo of it a couple of months ago. So me and Orrin Coley headed over to go check it out. We arrived and I was so psyched to get on some stuff but typically, it was wet. We decided to sack it off and go to Raven Tor as this was dry and would remain dry in the forecasted rain.
            We arrived at the crag and the psych was high. I had a couple of projects to finish off from the last visit here so I was keen to get them ticked off. I got warmed up and started re familiarising myself with the moves on Rattle and Humps V7 so that I could tick off Power Humps V8. It took me quite a few goes to repeat Rattle and Humps with my awkward beta but I soon ticked that off. I then pulled on Power Humps and sent it first go in this session. Sweet. Onwards.
            Secondly, I wanted to go and do Bashers Problem V6, as this had been a nemesis problem for me for a while, not my style. I soon worked out some better beta and got that ticked. I then went on and did Weedkiller Start into Bashers Problem V7. This went first go. And then I pulled on and cruised through Weedkiller Traverse V8. Training must be paying off, as it felt a lot easier than before.
            Effort to Orrin as well for finally ticking off his project Bens Roof V10. A long time coming if you ask me, way stronger than he needed to be for it…
            Peace out :)

Tick list for the day
Rattle and Humps V7
Power Humps V8
Bashers Problem V6
Weedkiller into Bashers V7
Weedkiller Traverse V8

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