Thursday, 14 March 2013

CWIF 2013

           Last year I decided to do the CWIF for the first time and I thought it was a really good comp. It is a really laid back competition but at the same time, has super hard problems, big cash prizes and international beasts crushing the hard problems. I decided I was going to do the comp once again and try and better my performance last year. I was also asked by one of my sponsors if I would be on the PrAna/Metolius team. Still unsure how we got on…

           As I was competing in the afternoon time slot I didn’t have to get up really early. Psyched. I hopped in the Rockover Climbing Centre mini bus and we headed down to Sheffield. Traffic was a nightmare but we got there in the end. Effort Brett. Once I got there I started to warm up and get ready to start the comp. I had a look round some of the problems and was feeling good. Once I got on a few of the easy problems, the initial nerves disappear and I was just having a laugh with my friends. I started to move onto the harder problems and found them pretty tricky. A lot of the problems were really technical and sketchy and really easy to fluff. I did mess a few up on my first go, and even a few on second go. But I did manage to get a lot of these problems in the end even though I didn’t flash them.

After a long three and a half hours I was nearing the end. I was pretty shattered and beat up after all of the problems I had done or tried. With a quick scout round at the end to double check I hadn’t missed anything I was finished. I was really happy with how I had done. I had managed to do quite a few of the problems (even if some of them were 2nd or 3rd go…), which showed me I have the ability to pull pretty hard at the moment.

I finished with a score of 156, which was just over half way. A way off the semi final qualification score but I wasn’t expecting to be near that so I was happy with what I had done. Onwards with the training and will hopefully be crushing on routes soon. Gorge du Loup in three weeks time now so I am getting really psyched for that.
Good effort to the rest of Team PrAna/Metolius
Nathan Phillips finishing in 10th
Dave Barrans finishing in 2nd
Rachel Carr finishing in 8th

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