Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Year. New Plan

          This New Year brings with it some new challenges. After being dropped from the GB Climbing Team (for the moment...) I was faced with a decision at the end of 2012. Do I stop competing and focus on other things in my climbing, like climbing more outside or do I decide to train harder than I ever have done before and get back to competing. Here is how I decided...
          When I got the news that I had not been re-selected to be on the 2013 GB Climbing Team, to say the least, I was gutted. It made me think about what I wanted to do with my climbing and where I wanted to take it. Up until now I have been really focused on competing, training and trying to climb as hard as I can. Having been on the GB Team for the last two years, to have the news that I suddenly wasn't took a couple of weeks to get used to. 
          I was really down for a couple of weeks and had to get my head sorted. I spoke to my coach (Tom Randall) and he told me some really good tips and things to help me get back on track. Convinced me that every athlete has set backs and it is how they deal with these set backs that makes them an "athlete at the highest level". After the discussion I felt a lot better about the whole thing and was ready to make my comeback. Just one of his suggestions was to read a book. With this in mind I was straight on the internet. Book purchased and in the post. Whilst I had a little break towards the end of December I read this book and it really taught me a lot. Got me motivated to train hard and cleared any doubts out of my mind that may have sunk in.
          With all that I had thought about over the last two to three weeks, I came home, met with Tom, sat down and made a plan. A New Year. A new plan. I will have six months to train harder than ever before and compete strongly in the July comp to show why I should still be on the team.
          In the lead up to the comp in July, I also have now booked a trip to the south of France for the first week in April. I am really psyched about this trip and should be in good shape to get some hard red points done and boost my outside climbing grade up.

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