Thursday, 29 November 2012

New Surroundings

            So I have moved to university and things are a bit different now. I am living in student accommodation, cooking and cleaning for myself and having to be more independent. This is all very new to me but I am enjoying it so far and am coming up to the end of my first semester.

            With it being student accommodation I am slightly limited as to what I can and cant do to my room. I haven’t got a fingerboard anymore but I do have a good doorframe leading into my bathroom… I also have got a pull up bar for the door and some weights to use at home. All in all I am making do quite nicely. Below is a picture of the gear and training stuff.

            I am studying Acoustic Engineering at the University of Salford. This means that I have got all of Manchester to explore and the climbing walls in Manchester to train hard at. I climb a lot at Rockover Climbing Centre, which is a bouldering only venue. It has a really good atmosphere and the climbing is amazing there. The training facilities are spot on and this means that I can train hard at wall that is only a fifteen-minute cycle down the road. I have also been traveling a bit further a field to Manchester Climbing Centre, which is both a lead and boulder centre. This has been good in my training as well as it enables me to keep the route training up and focus on some long pumpy routes (Good 16 or so metre walls).
            Here is some photos of me climbing at Rockover Climbing Centre.

              And after all of the training and hard work i have my hand care kit set out for when i get home...

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